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Sod Installation

Sod installation is the easiest way to get an instant green lawn. We use Manderley Sod that is produced in Ottawa and harvested the morning that we lay it.

Our sod installation process starts with the lawn being tilled to a depth of 5″ so that the existing lawn can breakdown and pass on its nutrients to the new lawn. This sod technique is a recommended practice from sod suppliers and is environmentally friendly.

If tilling isn’t applicable, the lawn will be removed using a sod cutter and disposed of. Soil is added if the existing lawn is disposed of or major grading is required. A root starter fertilizer is applied to enhance the rooting of the sod, followed by laying fresh Premium Kentucky Bluegrass, and then providing detailed written lawn maintenance instructions

Sod Preparation & Maintenance Guide [ PDF ]

Garden Establishment

We customize and design a garden that compliments and enhances the surrounding landscape. We start by amending the soil for the specific plants to be installed, then we plant locally grown native plants, and install cedar mulch to suppress weeds and retain moisture.

River Wash Stone

We create areas with minimal landscape maintenance using river wash stone. We prefer to add a few plants to add visual interest and increase oxygen production from your property.

There is a noticeable temperature increase in a property that has no greenery. Trees, plants and grass all play a vital role in cleaning our air, and so it is our responsibility for maintaining these plants and keeping them on our properties.

Patios, Walkways, Steps, Retaining Walls and Driveways

All of our hardscape work follows the precise installation techniques provided from the manufactures.

All hardscape projects follow 4 basic phases:

  • Phase I:  Excavation of the area and additional space for added structural support
  • Phase II:  Compaction of the subsoil, and installing a geotextile barrier, followed by granular aggregate.
  • Phase III: Pavers are cut and laid directly on top of the compacted granular aggregate.
  • Phase IV: The edges are secured, polymeric sand is swept into any joints and a final compaction is done.

Interlock Refinishing

We refinish damaged patios making them look brand new. We do this by pressure washing the pavers, lifting the pavers and re-levelling the base, relaying the pavers, compacting the area, and applying polymeric sand.
In some circumstances, refinishing interlock is not possible. Creating a new base and installing new pavers is recommended.